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40s and pregnant: Pregnancy Success Stories from women in their 40s

Women in their 40s are realizing their dreams and having babies. Some think that conceiving naturally in your 40s is impossible. However, these women used kegg to confidently identify their fertile windows, and were elated to share their pregnancy news with our community.
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Andrea Grace

Community Manager at kegg
Too often, we are bombarded with scary statistics about our dwindling fertility with age. While our fertility does decline with age, we are led to believe we cannot conceive naturally in our 40s. Women approaching 40 are often encouraged to “jump right to IVF”. While this path may be the right choice for some, many desire the opportunity to try to conceive naturally.

This is where kegg comes into play. Timing intercourse appropriately during the most fertile days is vital, especially when you don’t want to waste any time or precious eggs. As these ladies shared, tracking fertile days with other methods, such as LH strips, yielded inconclusive results and frustration over missing valuable fertile days. These women were proud to share their success stories using kegg. 

Our first mama’s story is very moving. She shares “After 9 years of marriage, and originally thinking we didn’t want kids together (he already has a daughter from a previous relationship), my husband and I realized our values and priorities had changed, and we really wanted a child of our own. I had just turned 41 when we made this decision, and he was 34, about to be 35. I honestly didn’t know if I could even conceive naturally this late in life. I was on hormonal birth control for about 10 years prior to this, so I had no clue how that had affected me either. 

I stopped taking my birth control and we started trying. This whole new world of trying to conceive was mind blowing to me. The terminology, all the different ways to test for ovulation, and the timing of it all pretty much stressed me out immediately. I was talking to my coworkers about it, and one of them said they tried for 4 years before finally conceiving, and this terrified me! I didn’t have 4 years! So I started researching, and stumbled across kegg while searching for fertility trackers. I looked into it for a week or so and decided to bite the bullet and get a kegg. I am so glad I did! I was using LH strips, tracking apps, and BBT readings prior to kegg, but they were not very clear cut for me and always left me wondering. I learned the way to read a kegg chart pretty quickly, and it changed everything. I finally felt more in control in this journey, and more confident that we were timing our efforts in a better way. I would send screenshots of my chart to my husband when the chart started to trend downward, and it was exciting! 

I stopped using other tracking methods, because I felt like they added more stress, and we solely used kegg from then on. We did have several months of discouragement when we didn’t conceive that cycle, but we didn’t give up. He was working opposite shifts from me during several months of that time, so we couldn’t always take full advantage during our fertile valley either. But, we were able to conceive naturally during my 7th cycle using kegg! I was in complete shock!! I had actually thought I had started my period that cycle, and was very upset, but it turned out to be implantation bleeding. Now, I am currently 34 weeks pregnant, and we are so close to meeting our baby boy. I cannot be more grateful for the help kegg provided. I learned from it that I ovulated earlier than the average person, and I don’t know if we would have ever gotten the timing right without that knowledge. I know natural conception isn’t always a possibility for everyone, but I highly recommend kegg if you are trying to conceive. It really gets you in tune with your cycles, and gives you the tools necessary to help you feel more confident and comfortable on what is inevitably a stressful journey.

We can’t wait to hear of your kegglet’s debut, and are wishing you a healthy and blissful remainder of your pregnancy!
Our next mama, 41, welcomed her little keggster this past November. She tried for over 15 months but had never seen even a slight positive. She felt defeated, as she also has PCOS “had tried everything under the sun for over a year to figure out my cycles. I only used kegg for 2 cycles and that magic month we were successful! I’ve been singing Kegg praises since I got it to everyone I know trying! Even more now! Thank you to all of Kegg for creating an amazing product!”
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This next mama’s story is unique because she already went through fertility treatments before finding kegg. She says “I am 40. I have 3 children. Tubal ligation in 2008. [Then I had] 2 failed IVF transfers resulting in one chemical. [I underwent a tubal reversal in November 2022. They were only able to save one tube, my right. This is my second cycle trying to conceive. 1st full cycle using kegg.  Thank you to all of you ladies who have shared your stories on here. I pray for us all every day.” 
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These women’s stories showcase that conceiving in your 40s is not only possible, but it can be done naturally. As all of these ladies highlight, other methods had failed them, but with proper timing thanks to kegg, their dreams became a reality. Congratulations to these kegg mamas who graciously shared their stories with us!

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