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kegg Founder’s Pregnancy Story

Kristina Cahojova, the CEO and founder of kegg, welcomed her first bundle of joy this February. Her journey to motherhood was not easy, but she persevered. The very device she invented proved to be the most helpful while trying to conceive.
Andrea Grace

Andrea Grace featuring Kristina Cahojova, CEO and founder of Lady Technologies

Community Manager at kegg

Warning: This article shares details about Kristina’s positive pregnancy tests, recurrent miscarriages, endometriosis, PCOS, and rainbow baby.

When Kristina set off to develop kegg, she was determined to make a product that could reliably and efficiently help her and others identify their full fertile window. While all available products at that time were measuring easily accessible data like temperature or residual hormones in urine, she focused on cervical fluid: the key factor determining the likelihood of conception. 

She became well-versed in the Sympto-Thermal and Creighton methods but felt that these methods were very time consuming and left her second guessing her own observations.

Then, after more hardwork than she cares to admit, kegg was born. She finally had created a product that could show her the full fertile window even when traveling internationally several times a year, experiencing significant fluctuations in cycle length, and letting her tedious tracking methods go. 

In 2021, she decided she was ready to grow her family. She and her husband had settled down in a new home and felt ready to plant their roots and take on a new job: parenthood.

“By the time that kegg became an established product and had helped thousands of women, I decided that it was my time to have a baby. 

My irregular cycles were due to polycystic ovaries (PCOS is associated with lower quality of eggs) and I also suffered from endometriosis.  Therefore, I knew that it may take me longer to succeed. I understood my fertile windows so I knew “how to do it”. Still, not being pregnant, month after month eroded most of my rational thinking. In our 5th month, I got a positive pregnancy test right on my birthday. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, only one day before my scheduled doctor’s appointment, I started to bleed. My doctor was really nice and told me to come to the office straight away. Nevertheless, she could only confirm what I had already known – miscarriage. This experience has brought me very close with the members of our private kegg community. I even posted anonymously there so keggsters wouldn’t recognize me. It is such a wonderful community of amazing human beings. 

Little did I know I would go on to experience miscarriages a few times more before carrying to term. 

Women with endometriosis (coupled with PCOS) are more likely to miscarry. I knew that fact, yet it didn’t make the experience easier. 

Since then I got pregnant literally every cycle and every time I miscarried. I typically miscarried between 6-9 weeks when the embryo was about the size of a blueberry. Once they make it past that size , they usually survive. That is why we referred to them as a “Blueberry” Then one day our blueberry made it to a cherry, then strawberry and eventually to a lime size. This little one was born on February 7th this year. We couldn’t stop ourselves from naming her Francisca Čučoriedka (which in our native language means blueberry → Frankie The Blueberry). This makes us not forget about others and appreciate what we have. 

This experience made me even closer to our users and more determined to further contribute to women’s health research. I really feel for you all and we as a company will always strive to support you fully on your fertility journey.

“As many in our community have reported, I too experienced medical gaslighting. I have PCOS and endometriosis and I suspected that it was one of the reasons for my recurrent miscarriages, yet, my OBYGYN suggested IVF instead of addressing these challenges. Immediately, I canceled her as my primary doctor and switched to our company advisor Dr. Rydfords. Thanks to him, I was able to use the best supplements and medication to help heal the cause.

I am so grateful for kegg because I could track the impact the changes had on my fertile valley which became more regular and “deeper”. Being able to see my data made the whole experience more bearable and assuring.”


“Despite experiencing cycle changes with each miscarriage, I was still able to clearly see my fertile valley and time sex during my most fertile days. While there was so much out of my control with my fertility, being confident with my timing and properly fueling my body with nutritious foods and supplements fueled me to continue on.”

After the challenging fertility journey, Kristina suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is a condition where pregnant women have nausea and vomiting the whole 9 months. Kristina’s vomiting was so intense that she was hospitalized four times for dehydration but that is a story for another day. 

“Welcoming my baby girl was such a full circle moment. From kegg’s development and its success, to my own fertility journey full of ups and downs, it was emotional and a moment I will never forget. My heart has grown infinitely! To those still working to see their positive pregnancy test: don’t give up. Even when you are faced with challenges, you will persevere to realize your dreams, too.” 


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