Our mission

At kegg, we're reimagining women's healthcare by harnessing and utilizing the world's largest dataset on vaginal health. We build products that address specific women's health problems, from the fertile age until menopause.

Meet the team

Kristina Cahojova, CEO

Scott Shwarts, CTO

Suzanne Tabbaa, Clinical

Patrik Uhrin, Marketing

Andrea Grace, Community

Jennifer Fisher, Product

Katherine Chang, Content

Ashley Opitz, Customer Support


Joe Klepich, EE, MD, MBA

18+ years of medical technology, clinical research, and IoT medicine experience

Dr. Gary Levy, MD

Fertility Specialist leading a practice of three fellowship trained Reproductive Endocrinologists

Dr. Jan T. Rydfors, MD

35+ years of experience in fertility. Assistant Professor at Stanford University Medical Center.

Bruno Strul, MD

30+ yrs in semiconductors & medical devices; 35+ patents in the fields of RF Energy