How Patty got pregnant using kegg with PCOS

After trying for over a year, Patty and her husband were celebrating their positive pregnancy test thanks to kegg, despite battling PCOS and low sperm motility.

By Andrea Grace | Last Updated 11/12/2023

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After trying to conceive for over a year and diagnoses of PCOS and low sperm motility, Patty and her husband got kegg. They had tried LH testing, timed intercourse, basal body temperature tracking, and had undergone fertility testing.

“I found out at the age of 31 that I had PCOS. I was scared to read about this diagnosis and worried that I would never be able to become pregnant.”

When she found kegg, Patty’s confidence soared, as she knew she they were timing intercourse properly despite having unpredictable cycles up to 50 days in length. Patty joined the private Facebook Community and felt further supported on her journey being surrounded by women with similar stories.

“This product gave me confidence in making sure intercourse was timed properly. I felt like I had hope again.”

With odds stacked against them, Patty and her husband committed to using kegg and timing intercourse during their fertile valleys. After 6 months of using kegg, Patty saw those two pink lines. She was pregnant!

This Thanksgiving, Patty has a lot to be thankful for as she snuggles her sweet new bundle. Congratulations, Patty. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us!


fertility tracker and kegel ball

Detect your fertile window and exercise your pelvic floor in 2 minutes a day

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fertility tracker and kegel ball

Detect your fertile window and exercise your pelvic floor in 2 minutes a day

$269  $259 

Or starting at $62.25/mo with afterpay logo

free shipping

Free Same-day Shipping. Order by 1 pm PST (Business days)


20,000+ Couples used kegg to conceive


If you have irregular cycles and/or PCOS, you need to monitor your fertility in real time as it changes cycle to cycle. kegg was designed to track your fertility in real time each cycle to spot your full fertile window.

Conventional fertility tracking methods can be especially frustrating because the fertile window does not fall consistently at the same time. kegg allows you to see a potential fertile valley open as your readings move downwards, allowing you to make actionable decisions. Additionally, with kegg, you only pay once and don’t worry about monthly costs on strips as there are no additional monthly costs.

Learn more about kegg users with PCOS here and kegg users with irregular cycles here.

kegg is Risk-Free. Our Pregnancy Guarantee assures you that if you do not conceive while using kegg consistently for 12 months, you will be eligible for a full refund.

You’ll get a full refund if the kegg’s 12-month Pregnancy Guarantee rules are met. Read full policy rules here. 

Absolutely! kegg can help you confidently track your fertility, allowing you to optimally time intercourse/insemination. Many women who have been trying to conceive for years have been successful, thanks to kegg. What is unique about kegg is that instead of focusing on the day of ovulation (which is only one day when you are fertile) kegg focuses on identifying your whole fertile window. Knowing your full fertile window and optimally timing intercourse/insemination can quadruple your chances of getting pregnant.

Yes! And there are many stories of women in their 40s who successfully conceived using kegg. Kegg is recommended for women in their reproductive years, 21 years or older, who ovulate and have cycles. kegg helps women identify their fertile window in order to optimally time their trying to conceive efforts. 

Many women in their 40s report that by using kegg they feel more confident they are maximizing their chances of conception as they are not missing valuable days of the fertile window, when compared to using other fertility tracking methods, such as detecting the LH surge or recording their basal body temperature. Every egg counts and with kegg, you can be sure you are timing your efforts accurately.

Many women with PCOS share that tracking their fertility is especially challenging. While kegg has not been clinically tested on women with PCOS, there is a growing number of women with PCOS who turn to kegg to successfully track their fertility.

Learn more about getting pregnant with PCOS here

We do our best to assist you during your fertility journey! Our company offers:
  • 1-year warranty from the date of original purchase, against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials.
  • 30-day return policy in case you would like to return your kegg once it has been delivered. kegg is an intimate product, so the package must be sealed and the kegg unused for it to be returnable. An unused product with a broken box seal can be returned, however, a $110 disposal fee will be deducted from your refund.