How do you charge the kegg?

The kegg app will let you know when the kegg will need to be charged. If the kegg battery is too low to use kegg, it will flash yellow when you try to turn it on. 

  1. Insert the cable into the charging block
  2. Insert the other end of the cable into the cradle. Note: be sure to push the cable fully into the cradle as shown in the image.
how to charge kegg
3. Plug the charging block into the outlet

4. Push kegg firmly into the cradle. The metal tips of the kegg need to make contact with the connection point deep in the cradle.  Be sure to press your kegg all the way down into the cradle.

5. When charging you will see a gentle yellow pulse – if you are in a bright room, cup your hands around the cradle to check for the charging light. 

6. Your kegg will glow green when fully charged

kegg has a powerful battery and should not be charged daily. When the app indicates it is time to charge, pop your fully dry kegg into the cradle to charge.
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