Does kegg work for women with irregular periods?

kegg can help women with irregular cycles. Many women with irregular cycles turn to kegg after feeling frustrated with other tracking methods as they often miss the mark in identifying the fertile window. The daily readings with kegg reflect the real-time changes in fertility, allowing kegg users to be empowered to see when they are in a potential fertile window; the time of the cycle when intercourse or insemination can result in conception. 

kegg detects the changes in the vaginal environment which shift in correlation to the hormonal changes of the cycle.  kegg places a fertile window prediction at the start of the cycle for average cycle lengths of 21-40 days. When cycles are highly irregular, the fertile window prediction may not be accurate. Users who do not have a prediction or have highly irregular cycles must rely on watching the trend of their readings to spot the fertile valley. A descent in the reading’s trendline indicates the user is likely entering a fertile valley and thus should consider timing their trying to conceive efforts. We have a dedicated support team at kegg who can help offer insights about your chart, should you have any questions along the way. We are so confident that kegg can help you, that we offer a 12-month pregnancy guarantee. If you do not conceive in 12 months of using kegg as directed, we will refund you in full. Visit the dedicated page on how women with Irregular cycles get pregnant with kegg here

Conventional cycle tracking methods such as calendar apps and LH testing come up short when it comes to irregular cycles, since the fertile window does not occur at precisely the same time each cycle. Menstruation typically occurs every 25 to 35 days. Over the course of a year, the length between your longest cycle and the shortest cycle can vary up to 9 days and still be considered within the normal range. For example, a woman can have one cycle that is 25 days long, followed by a cycle that is 33 days long.  With kegg, the user can be sure they will not miss any days of the fertile valley as the daily readings reflect the real-time changes even when fertile windows do not occur at the same time each cycle. While we often cannot control the multitude of factors that contribute to irregular cycles, such as stress, travel, or illness, you can be certain you will not miss your fertile valley when you use kegg.

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