Is it easy to use kegg?

Yes! kegg is very simple to use and takes only 2 minutes per day. Many women use kegg during their evening routine like while they are brushing their teeth or in the morning while checking the news or having coffee.

Just as you are learning to use kegg, kegg is also learning the uniqueness of your body. We recommend using kegg for at least 1-2 complete cycles for kegg to learn your trends. For your very first cycle, kegg will predict your fertile window based on your cycle length average. After the first cycle, kegg will then use the ‘kegg method’ to predict your fertile window, as long as it has been able to detect a trend in the first cycle. In anovulatory cycles, for example, this will not occur.

Please note: if your cycle length varies greatly, it may take your kegg a bit more time to get to know you and your unique trends.

  • Begin using kegg at any time during the cycle except on the days of your period. 
  • Take your reading every day at the same time, within a two-hour timeframe.
  • External vaginal fluids of any sort (semen, douche, suppositories, etc.) will impact your reading.
  • Please allow at least 8 hours after unprotected sex to take your kegg reading.
  • Check out the user manual in your kegg box or visit for ‘How to use kegg’, optional kegel exercises, and cleaning your kegg.
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