I’m traveling to a different time zone, when should I use kegg?

When traveling to a different time zone, simply stick to your usual routine and take your kegg readings according to the new time zone.  This means if your selected measurement time is 10 pm at home then continue to use 10 pm in the new time zone while traveling.  The kegg app will record and keep the time of your location for each day’s reading.

Depending on the disruption of routine, you may see an atypical pattern in your kegg readings for cycles with significant travel.  It is not uncommon to have some cycle disruptions or delays due to travel. 

Within optional notes, be sure to add in your journal which days you are in a different time zone.

Why is the fertile window in my finished cycle light with a dashed border?

kegg’s algorithm needs consistent readings throughout the cycle to place the fertile window confirmation in completed cycles.  If there are not enough readings in a cycle, kegg will approximate the fertile window placement.  

In the example shown, the user has missed readings throughout the cycle and has missed readings during her fertile window prediction.  kegg does not have enough information and is placing its best approximation based on the user’s cycle history.”

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