How often do you use kegg?

Take a reading with kegg once every day (except when on your period). The reading only takes a couple of minutes. You can use kegg any time of day – whenever fits best within your daily routine. It is important to be consistent with the time of day that you use kegg – within a 2 hour period for the most accurate results. Using kegg multiple times per day is not recommended and the results will not be accurate. kegg will only record the most final reading of the day.

Recommended use:

  • Use kegg once every day throughout the cycle (except during your period). 
  • Take your reading within the same 2 hour period each day for accurate results.  If you miss your reading time frame it is advised to skip the reading for that day.
  • Taking multiple readings per day or back-to-back is not recommended as the results may not be accurate. kegg will only record the final reading of the day.
  • Do not use kegg within 8 hours after intercourse 
  • Do not use kegg while also using an intravaginal medication, supplements, or treatments.

Always consult a physician before using kegg or if you have any concerns regarding the use of this product.

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